Motor Safari - 18th-20th August 2007

A different venue this year for the Club Holiday- Motor Safari at Wrexham.
I was joined again by Pete for a relatively short journey (about 75 miles) to the Trevor Arms Hotel which was base for the weekend.

The hotel was good value I thought and no shortage of food, except on Sunday morning when nobody was around to make breakfast!
Hilary took charge of the situation until the staff arrived!

The Trevor Arms Hotel.Serious 4x4s (and a Range Rover Sport)The car park.Tom and the 2 Jons looking cheerful now they're out of the rain.The chalet block with our room.More accomodation in the background.Pete looking a bit fuzzy - must've been the Guiness.

Despite being nearest, Pete and I were almost last to arrive (about 10 minutes before the evening meal) except for John Morrison who got caught up in the V-Festival traffic.
Low on numbers again this year: Jon & Dee, Tom, John M, us and team Hudson. Tom didn't even bring his Dakar (it's undergoing a "change").
On Saturday morning we headed out to the site about 5 miles away - Pete and I were nominated navigators and lead the way, which was unfortunate as we sailed straight past the entrance. Luckily, Pete from Motor Safari saw us and attracted the attention of some of the more observant members of our group.

Our cheery band.Only 4 Dakars (and Tom's Disco)Jon on the see-sawPete offers advice about balance.The other Jon H - having doors is no guarantee of being mud-free.Madonna must've had the other one already.Artistic shot?Mr Hudson - well and truly stuck.Doesn't want to come out of the mud!Oh no!! Not Tom as well.Fortunately an easy recovery.Free at last.Made quite a mess.

The first thing we found on the site was a see-saw which provided much entertainment over the weekend as we tried (and failed) to balance on it!
We pottered around the rest of the site which was quite varied but not as large as I expected and, on the whole, pretty easy stuff.
Just before lunch at the nearby Moor Inn, Jon got his Dakar well and truly bogged down in a field. While we were debating how to get him free, Tom planted his Disco in the bog too, despite frantic waving from a few of us. Luckily he didn't do as good a job as Jon and I was able to extract him easily. Jon was eventually freed with the aid of two winch-equipped Dakars and a tree - he left quite a hole in the ground!
Sometime later I got stuck in "Tom's Gulley" and need him to drag me out, so the favour was repaid!
Just as we were thinking of packing up for the day, we heard that John Morrison had blown his back diff on a steep climb. He was duly towed back to the hotel minus rear half-shafts to prevent further damage. Back at base, he also removed the rear prop so he could drive home on Sunday morning - John doesn't seem to have a lot of luck with trips to Wales it seems.

Mr Hudson's beast.FDT under the trees.Jon & Dee's Dakar.Tom's Disco.FDT again.and again!View from the Thelwall.Reflective.Warning - driver asleep!

On Sunday John left early (hope he made it back OK) and we were navigating again as I wanted to get some fuel - still didn't go perfectly as the Shell garage turned out to be Texaco, and we missed a turn somewhere along the way so went a bit round the houses back to the off-road site!
The weather hadn't been great on Saturday but the rain was a lot more persistant on Sunday. Curiously, the site seemed easier to drive after all the wet and we had no further problems. However, we had all had enough by lunchtime and so headed off in our respective directions.

All in all, a good weekend and many thanks to Hilary & Jon for organising it - looking forward to the next outing already!

Here's a few videos; Me negotiating "Tom's Gulley", meeting Tom head-on in the mud run, failing to extract Jon from the mud and Pete on the see-saw.

Tom's Gulley.Head on!Recovery attempt.See Saw.