Llanerchindda Farm - 4th-6th August 2006

Another trip to Llanerchindda - an uneventful trip down, got stuck in a bit of traffic but the weather was decent.
The only slight scare was coming over a pass near Llanwrtyd Wells - the fuel light suddenly came on and the gauge headed for empty at a rate of knots. It didn't make any sense that you could lose 10 gallons of fuel in a few seconds without knowing about it, but homemade fuel tanks make you paranoid!!
Anyway, a few corners later the light went off and the gauge recovered to half full - I can only assume the sender had stuck during a hard left-hander, as I was pressing-on a bit at the time!

Mike & Sharon's Dakar with Tom's. The farm's own disco with Jon & Hilary's Camel.FDT with Simon & Vanessa's and Jon & Dee's Dakars.
Pete closely inspecting the sills!Nick's 90 getting high centered.The pit-crew changing a front diff.Hard to see what's wrong from hereBut you can tell something's not right!Isn't that supposed to be straight?The recovery team in action.Who the hell parked it there?Good advice.FDT in it's glory.
Dakars were a bit reduced in numbers as Jon's was not in full health and stayed at home. John Morrison had a fire in his - hope it's OK.
So, aside from me & Pete in FDT, there was Tom, George & Suzzanne, Simon & Vanessa, Jon & Dee(all usual suspects) and relative newbies Mike & Sharon.

Boosting the numbers were Martin in his bobtailed Rangie, Nick & his dad in a 90 & Series LR and a different Nick with a Range Rover Classic.

A bit of rain over Friday night soon cleared on Saturday morning and we headed into the site - the new owners have evidently done a fair bit of work grading the tracks etc and it all seems to have improved (food was really good too).

Martin broke the front diff in the bob' fairly early on, but had a spare and changed it in record time.
Nick got the back axle stuck off the side of a track and bent the (rather puny) radius arm trying to recover it!
A fresh attempt was made on Sunday morning and not only did we get the Rangie out, but a made fair job of straightening the arm too.
I found the weekend enjoyable without much drama - most of the tracks seemed either quite easy (more so than last year), or just impossible!!. My gearbox cross-member took a few big hits, but otherwise we had no problems.

Pete had new toy in the form of an "action cam" which is a self-contained solid-state video camera - we had a bit of fun fixing it to various chassis & suspension parts - see a video here.

On the way home we experienced some problems with the steering being intermittently very heavy and not centering itself. After a bit of head-scratching, Land Rover Special Tool no. 2 (WD40) was liberally applied to the column UJs and that fixed it - phew!