Llanerchindda Farm - 20th-22nd August 2004

This was the first trip for my Dakar, and perhaps a bit ambitious given that it had only covered about 40 road miles so far. It was also raining heavily on the Friday and we had no roof - My mate Peter and I cobbled together the blue contraption you see here!

A sort of roof.

Due to the mostly untested nature of things, I was fairly tentative off-road so it didn't get too muddy and nothing was broken.
I did, however, manage to pop both back springs out their mounts as a result of the +2" shocks. Thanks to Ian Parkin for the use of a hi-lift jack to get them back in! Another job added to the list - spring clamps.

I didn't take many pictures (too busy driving about!) but here's the few I did take.
Stuck in a rut. Don't do it! If you go down to the woods today... Splashing in the puddles. Stuck in the mud.

The starter motor had been increasingly showing signs of reluctance since Friday, and on Saturday afternoon it failed completely. Peter and I, with help from Jon Hudson, John Morrison and Ian Parkin, spent a couple of hours trying to fix it, but it was no use.

Offroading was not a good idea without a starter so, after a tow out of the car park by Tom Tilley on Sunday morning, we bump-started and drove home, hoping not to stall and remembering not to switch off the motor at the services!