Baskerville Hall - 16th/17th August 2003

The plan was to have my Dakar finished by now but.... it isn't!
I decided to go along anyhow and I could tell by the car park that I was in the right place!

Baskerville Hall. Da-kar park.
Eliot's Dakar. Eliot's Dakar.
I must thank Eliot Mansfield for driving me about in his Chevy 5.7 powered beast all weekend - nice motor!
Not just Dakars. Park where you can. A steady drive. See you in the woods.
There were a good few Dakars plus Mick's Range Rover and Martin's Landy.
Them aluminium panels are soft. Can't go forwards, try reverse. Left or right? It WILL go straight. Pull!
Not everything went to plan though - A few running repairs and tow-outs were required.
There was mud if you looked for it. A tight fit, but it'll go.

In fact it was 2 days of attrition; broken diff's, bent track-rods, electrical gremlins and a demolished wall were all part of the fun.
Tom's motor (another 5.7 litre job) was one of the few that had no problems.