National Kit Car Show - Stoneleigh May Day 2005

I decided to pop down to the show at Stoneleigh. The weather was pretty grim on the way down, but was glorious at the venue.

The Dakar club pitch seemed to be a bit out of the way and quite small too, so Steve Bennet moved his demonstrators to the Rotrax stand instead.

A field of snakes.The note in the windscreen helpfully informs that this is an "unfinished project".Different, but pretty quick I should think.I can't begin to imagine how fast this must be!NOS - for a little extra go!

FDT lurks, waiting to pounce on small children.Waking the neighbours.FDT90V on the (tiny) club stand. I'm fairly sure Tom isn't relieving himself against Jon's front wheel!Chris, George and Robin's Dakars.Another view.Steve's demonstrators now on the significantly better Rotrax pitch.A Dakar parked "casually".

There were, of course, many other kit cars - some original, some not - some finished, some not.


FDT behaved pretty well on the 280 mile round-trip and averaged about 16mpg, but I have concluded that there's something not quite right about the engine, resulting in a lack of grunt.