Stainby Quarry and Newark Show - 18/19 June 2005

I drove down to Stainby Quarry on the Saturday - it was very hot and I think driving conditions were made easy by it being so dry,

In the evening we drove to Jon's where we were joined by Steve Bennet and others for a meal prepared by Hilary.

Thanks to Jon and Hilary also for putting me up overnight - ready for the show on Sunday.

Looks like a field, but just out of view is the hole in the ground that is Stainby Quarry.All lined up.Photogenic parking by Jon.We were determined to be "off-road" - even at Jon's house.
A nice pitch for the club stand.Glorious weather too.Prominent spot for Steve's display.Steve considers alternative bodywork in the form of Miss Newark.

The club pitch was much better here than Stoneleigh and Steve got lucky with a stand in the main hall too.

All in all, a pretty good event - a few of us mucked-in to fix the broken ignition switch on B114BRO when it stranded its new owners.