Links and Credits

You can't complete a project like this on your own, so special thanks to the following;

My friends, Peter Schofield, Matthew Coase, David Berrisford and Robert Booth.
Peter has done lots of work throughout the project at quite considerable effort on his part - I'm sure he'll get his own back!
Matt kindly lent me his MIG welding gear (for months) and usually has advice to offer - sometimes positive.
David and Robert are always willing to lend a hand with the "lifting and shifting" when needed.
My Mum and Dad for general help and feeding me.

Jon Hudson of the Dakar Owners Club for his help and advice along with the members of the Newsgroup.
Steve Parker of Steve Parker Land Rovers for advice and having a store of Land Rover parts 10 minutes walk away.

Various useful suppliers I've used;
Dakar Cars - Pretty fundamental to the whole thing-now superceded by Steve Bennett's Dakar 4x4 Design and Conversions
RPI - Suppliers of all things Rover V8.

Vehicle Wiring Products - All kinds of auto-electrical stuff.
Frost Auto Restoration Techniques - Tools, consumables, paints etc.
Machine Mart - More tools and consumables.

Some other owner's sites;
Eliot Mansfields Twin Turbo Dakar - Says it all really! Much interesting engineering going on.
Steve Knights Dakar build - A recent build incorporating many of Steve Bennett's developments.
Harry Sheppards site - Interesting history & rebuild of a Dakar (plus other non-Dakar stuff).

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