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FDT90V is a 1980 2-door Range Rover that I've owned since January 1992. I was very keen in the early days, changing the propshaft UJ's, overhauling the front brakes and rebuilding the engine (when I discovered it was 6 years older than the vehicle).
FDT out and about in the early days.FDT out and about in the early days.FDT out and about in the early days.Warming up after a night at -10.Just playing in the snow.
New inner wings being fitted.Sill and bodyside repair.Offroad at Weston Coyney.Offroad at Weston Coyney.
I made it go faster with a performance exhaust and air-filter, a hotter camshaft and then.... well, then I lost interest and it was holed up in the garage for 5 years or so.
If only all roads were this quiet.It fits in the garage - just.
I also fitted new front inner-wings and had the rear bodyside repaired. I went off-roading, broke stuff and repaired it. I made it a more pleasant place to be with re-trimmed seats, a new headlining and a tailgate that worked.
I knew something had to be done before it rotted away and expired. Then, in the summer of 2002, I saw an article in Land Rover Owner magazine about a Dakar 4x4 conversion. Several years ago I had been interested in kit cars and had seen the Dakar, and now I knew it was what I wanted to do.
Jon's Dakar fishing.Dakars at the National Kit Car Show.
I got a build manual from Dakar Cars and subscribed to the Dakar4x4 newsgroup, as well as meeting up with Jon Hudson from the Dakar Owners Club at the National Kit Car Show, in order to get as much information as possible - I was hooked on the idea and this website tells the story.

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