Delays and Disasters - Dec 05 to Jun 06

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There's been almost no progress on the Dakar since August, partly because I've been really busy at work as a result of the Buncefield fire - My employer's Head Office was destroyed.
I also had to find a new workshop as the old one is being flattened for a housing development.

What happens if you're 200 yards from an exploding oil terminal.
Tow bar gets its first test.First of several trips.Worlds smallest V-Dub.Breathe in!Good work space inside.

My mate Pete (and his daughter, Lizzie) helped with the move - only fair as it's his "compact" Beetle in the middle pic that I've been storing.

The move took 2 weekends and I took the opportunity to offload some unnecessary detritus at the council waste site.
It was the first time I had tried the towbar in its "on-road" configuration, and it seems to work well.
I was a bit startled by how tight the doorway is at the new place - it's good job I didn't ever fit the wheelarch extensions! The good news is that there is more room inside and I now have enough height to put the Dakar on stands if needed.

May 2006 and another disaster!
I've already been without power at the workshop for several weeks due to some low-lifes torching the local sub-station and stealing the cables, but now the building next door has suffered a major fire and had to be partly demolished. I was very lucky to only suffer a bit of flooding from the fire-brigades efforts.

And, as things come in threes, some other low-life tried to break in. Fortunately, they weren't successful and I've made the place more secure since.
The fire makes the chances of getting the power restored more remote, so I'm running off a tiny generator - hopefully I wont need to weld anything.

Maybe, just maybe, I can get on with it now - you can just make out that the battery boxes are almost done and I've fitted tread-plates to the sills.
I've also replaced the mirrors with the longer-armed "Wolf" type.

Not quite the National Grid.Not looking too pretty.Hope this stuff was insured.A bit fof a mess but could have been worse.Now cleaned up and fitted with the world's biggest interior light.My old workshop has gone for good.Didn't take long to start building.Some parts of the new location are quite picturesque.