FDT90V - 2006

August 2006 - Time for Llanerchindda again!
I have achieved very little in the 12 months since the last outing to Wales:
Fitted long-arm mirrors
Made kick-plates for the sills
Finally finished the battery-box lids (the driver's side is a tool locker)
Paint the floor/bulkhead with ceramic paint (for heat & noise insulation)
Cut some rubber mats for the floor
Fitted some map pockets (on the morning of the Wales trip!)

Chequer-plate step and Wolf mirrors.Lockable boxes and chequer-style footwell mat.Somewhere to put things!
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Other than that, just a couple of small maintenance jobs which were replacing the leaking front output-shaft seal on the transfer box and repositioning the exhaust so the front prop doesn't catch on it.
I also replaced the puny clamps I was using with Mikalor stainless items.

16th August - MOT day!
Passed with no issues - well, I got an advisory for the handbrake, but that happens every year!

Gearbox crossmember.Radius arm bracket.
October 2006- After Wales.
I already knew that the gearbox crossmember had taken a bit of a beating in Wales, but I was surprised to see the rear offside radius arm bracket was bent too - must have been trying too hard!

Although I've been happy with the size of the workshop I've been renting since the beginning of the year, I was unhappy with the location - not to mention the fires, floods, burglaries and power cuts.
With this in mind I have been looking for a new place and this month bought a building nearby. Apart from not having to pay anybody rent, I will have greater peace of mind - although I am back to having no power, for now at least.

Fresh air feed to heater. Koi pipe is cheap from tropical fish suppliers. Everything is just loosely positioned at the moment.
January 2007 - Having got myself more-or-less installed in the new premises, it's time to do some work! Some time ago I fitted air vents , so now I'm piping into the heater by means of some "Koi pipe" (cheaper but less flexible than heater ducting) and a fabricated plenum cover. I've also flattened the old windscreen-rubber mounting flange to make fitting a dash panel easier.

2nd new workshop in a year!Dakar dwarfs a normal car.