The Build - Part 7

Mid June saw a trip to the Kit Car Show at Newark, combined with a trip to Stainby Quarry - a few pics here.

I was pleased that the engine had been improved by the cam-timing change - not a huge difference but a definite improvement. Most noticeable is the increase in vacuum (about 50% !!) which indicates a better state of tune and in turn means better brakes (more servo assistance). It also stops the brake warning light coming on every time the pedal is pressed.
The sump baffles seem to be doing their job too - no more oil-pressure warning light after a heavy stop.

A random pic to make the page look better!
4 plates join together to close up the sills.The awkward hole at the back wasn't as bad as I thought.Foam strip seals bulkhead to bodyshell.Simple, but effective (I hope).

July - The battle against the gaps continues!
The aluminium panel-work is painted and now seals the full length of the sills from arch to arch. I also made panels to fill the awkward gaps in the rear corners.
The next task was to seal the gap between the bodyshell and bulkhead under the windscreen. This opening into the engine bay causes various problems with heat, noise, fumes and screen misting. I used foam strips for the majority of the gap, and then expanding filler for the awkward bits. It is a huge improvement as I found out going to Langdale Quest.
Another improvement is spring clamps, having popped springs out on both previous trips!

While sealing around the bulkhead I devised a solution to another Dakar problem - the air intake for the heater is inside the car because it's now behind the windscreen. A few other owners have installed fresh air intakes but routing pipes is not that easy, so I drilled a hole at each side of the bonnet and fitted an aluminium airbox that directs air into the scuttle-box - I haven't yet piped from the airboxes into the heater intake, so I don't know how effective it will be.
While drilling the holes in the shell I discovered it varies in thickness from 3mm to about 12mm! It's also no more symmetrical at the front than it is at the back!
No going back after drilling a 2 inch hole.Making the airbox.Aluminium bezels are polished and fitted with mesh,Air vent is fitted with a sophisticed micro-particulate filter behind the mesh...... OK, it's a piece of pan-scourer.

August brings with it the MOT and Tax, plus the club holiday at Llanerchindda Farm.
The MOT was straightforward - I had to adjust the front wheel bearings and reseal a couple of exhaust joints.
For the trip I waterproofed the roof (I hoped) and fitted some new "aero" style bonnet catches bought at Newark.

June 2006 - I've had a few problems since last August, but I'm hoping the summer is a turning point.

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