The Build - part 4

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Seatbelt anchors.
The kit does provide two brackets to support the radiator that attach to the shock absorber upper mount, but I wasn't too keen on that idea hence my own (much more complicated!) solution.
While the welder was still warm I also fitted a couple of anchor points for the seatbelt buckles.
Engine bay is fairly "compact".Fuel tank in daylight.
It's now March and I have taken some holiday with the intention of having a bit of a blitz on the Dakar. The engine bay frame looks more sensible now that the radiator, PAS reservoir and expansion tank are fitted. This was also the first time it's been outside since the bodyshell was fitted, and it makes photographing a whole lot easier.
Front nudge bar.Almost looks like you could drive it.
Now seemed like a good time to fit the front nudge bar. It's a heavy beast but easy to fit. I thought I may as well do the back one too. It's also very heavy but you have to drill the chassis, so the rope over the spare is providing support.
Rear nudge bar being fitted.
A recurring throat infection prevented me working at the garage during the 3rd week in March, but I was able to carry out a small modification to the instrument binnacle while at home!
Getting more cramped in the engine bay.

Mid April and I'm doing the final assembly under the bonnet. The frame is painted and now also has fittings for air horns, bonnet pins, cooling fans, wiring loom and PAS hoses. I've undersealed all the bits of the chassis that will soon be inaccessible, and made some minor modifications to the inner wings for a better fit - it's getting there slowly!

A more sophisticated bonnet prop may be required.Bonnet pins keep it shut.Somewhere to sit at last!

May - Finally everything under the bonnet is finished (except the windscreen washers & radiator thermostat), so I 've fitted the bonnet.
You can see in these pic's that the seats are in too.
I'm reassembling the heater unit and plumbing up the fuel system. Once these are done, the exhaust needs completing (the manifolds are already on) and it's ready to run.

Heater unit was very scabby.Now looking much better.Heater refitted.
The heater assembly was in very poor shape when I took it out. It was rusty all over, all the seals were perished and in some cases, mouldy, the matrix was damaged & clogged up, and the fan didn't run well.
New seals & matrix, refurbed motor and a respray improved things no end.
Having got the heater back in place, the cooling system could be filled and the engine was ready to run (2Mb AVI).