The Build - part 3

Strengthened spare wheel carrier.
I also fitted the spare-wheel carrier which secures the bodyshell as it is bolted through into the roll-cage.
A few people have had these break under the weight of the wheel, so I employed some more 1" tube to beef it up.
New meets old in the electrics department.Cardboard insulator is a  temporary measure!
As October appeared, I finished the electrics and installed the new fuse & relay box on the bulkhead. The battery box is small, so I bought an Optima Red Top battery which is compact and can be mounted any way up.
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Tank fits nicely in the back.Modified filler pipe.Original Range Rover filler cap.
Next I started on perhaps my most ambitious (foolhardy?) project - the fuel tank. The original tank is designed to sit between the chassis rails (which have been cut off!) and isn't an appropriate shape for anywhere else, so that's out.
I didn't like the options offered by Dakar which are a 2nd-hand, 10 gallon tank (too small), or a custom-made job which is very expensive and, at 30 gallons, a bit O.T.T. So I made a basic box from steel sheet to fit between the rear arches. I put baffle plates inside to stop the fuel sloshing about too much and modified the filler pipe to join the tank to the orginal cap, now mounted over the rear wheel. Finally I made a mounting for the standard pickup/sender unit on the right-hand end panel.
Nearly done, end-plate needs fitting. You can see one of the baffles inside.Pickup/sender mounting on end-plate.
New wheels and tyres.Makes the original wheels look puny.
Not much happened during November and December except for the arrival of my wheels and tyres, but once colds/bad weather and Christmas were out of the way, my New Year resolution is to GET IT FINISHED!
Full of hot air.
The first job is the fuel tank. The welding is complete and I have treated it inside and out with Metal Ready, which leaves a Zinc coating. The only trouble is the tank then needs to be washed out and completely dried before sealing - the white pipe in the picture is feeding hot air through to dry it.
Tank sealed & painted.Front inner arches.
Having sealed and painted the tank I'm leaving it to harden fully for a couple of weeks, so in the meantime I can try to finish the engine bay by fitting the inner wings which enables me to route the wiring, position the radiator & fit ancillaries such as the power steering reservoir.
I also need to connect the front brake lines, and in preparation for this I have more-or-less completed the front axle by fitting the callipers, disk mud shields and a set of leather gaiters to protect the steering swivels.
Steering swivel gaiter.
Radiator frame will also support ancillaries.Brace will secure bonnet.
The end of February 04 and I've got the 1 inch square tube out again. This time I'm making a frame to support the radiator, fans, PAS reservoir and expansion tank, as well as providing a base for the bonnet securing pins and a bit of extra rigidity for the bodyshell.