FDT90V - 2007 part 2

5th August 2007 - Since getting back from Billing I have spent some time cleaning up (Jetwash on site was £10!!)
It was made a little easier by the new rear mudflaps I fitted just before the show - I should have done this ages ago, they really stop the lights getting crudded-up.
I have also renewed the Road Tax and fitted the only significant item that I got from the show - a CB radio. It's only a handheld, I couldn't really see the point of a proper vehicle rig as I will most likely only use it at events, rather than talkin to Good Buddies on the road, come back.
While in the mood for making brackets, I fixed the SatNav mounting to the dash and also fitted a camera-mount to the windscreen frame - hopefully I'll get some decent footage from it. I also bolted the rear-view mirror on as the sticky pad gave up at Billing.

Back from Billing, needing a  clean.Mudflaps did a good job!Brackets for SatNav & CBEasily reached on new mountings.Mirror bolted on, as is the camera mount.Camera's eye view.
Back to the front. Send an e-mail.

22nd August 2007 - A couple of minor things - the first, and most important, was to get through the MOT. Sailed through, didn't even get the customary handbrake advisory this time!
Second, I finally finished the A-post panels with the fitting of coloured perspex trims. I'm quite pleased with them.
Next I need to make B-posts, and then doors to go between the two!

Last the weekend it was the annual club holiday, this year at Motor Safari in Wrexham.

27 August - Added some video clips to the Motor Safari page.
Started making the B-post assembly which will eventually be a striker-plate for the door.

A-Post panel finished!

B-Post inner section.

B-post outer section.B-post with soft-top fitted.

2nd September - Made an outer section for the B-post. This nicely fills the triangular gap between the soft-top and roll-cage.
Still need to make the driver's side though.

14th October - I've now done the 2nd B-Post. It's just like the other one! I also fitted another new starter-motor as the other one died after Wrexham. It seems the solenoids get cooked. I've put some heat-wrap around the new one.
The only other significant event was a trip to Langdale Quest again with the Mitsubishi L200 Owners Club - click here for pics and vids.

24th February 2008 - Well, I really haven't done much over the winter months aside from changing the dash instruments and replacing the front sidelights and number-plate bulbs with LED units.
Jon & Hilary have stepped-down from running the Owner's Club which has caused a bit of consternation and resulted in the relocation of the club web site (now run by Andy Cunningham) and a hastily arranged AGM at Stoneleigh in May where we will, hopefully, construct a plan for the future of the club - many thanks to Jon & Hilary for all their efforts and hard work, I just hope we can continue in the same vein.
The first event of 2008 was the Indoor 4x4 Show at Donington, where I met up with Kevin and Tony and had a chat with Steve & Tory.
I also saw Chris from the Mitsubishi Club and Charlie Thorn from LR Monthly. I bought a few bits n bobs but nothing special.
The main thing of interest to me was chatting to OneLife Adventure about their tours of Iceland - this has got to be the place to go in the Dakar, although quite a bit of preparation is going to be required!

21st March 2008 - When I saw Steve Bennett at the Indoor show, little did I realise it would be for the last time. The following week I heard the shocking news that he was tragically killed in a road accident on Sunday 24th February.
My sympathy and condolences go out to Tory and all Steve's family and friends.
My Dakar had no direct connection with Steve, as it was one of the last from Dakar Cars, but he was full of good ideas and had moved the kit on greatly. Some of the bits I made were inspired by his developments and he was always happy to discuss things even though he knew I would do things my own way.
He will be sady missed - Rest In Peace Steve.

New dash instruments.A Pinzgauer - don't see many of these.The "Long Way Down" Patrol.Nice Dakar.A high-up Hibak.Something with four-wheel-steer!