Langdale Quest- 30th July 2005

I got invited to Langdale Quest in Dalby Forest by a friend who runs the Mitsubishi L200 Owners Club.
It's a fair trek from me (about 100 miles away) so it was a full day out.

The site itself is very large but most of the tracks are gravelled and flat, however there is no shortage of more testing terrain with good slopes - didn't see much mud but quite a few pools/water-splashes.

We did an easy circuit in the morning and planned something tougher for the afternoon, but I cut and ran after lunch because we had been delayed a bit by a magazine photo-shoot so it was already about 2:30, plus it started raining about midday and it got steadily heavier - my roof was leaking like a sieve!

I'd like to go back here and try some of the tougher stuff sometime.

Langdale Quest's mobile HQ.This should get to most places.The L200 club (and a G4 look-alike).Lots of easy tracks.Some good descents.More traffic than the M62!Looking a bit soggy.